If you are looking for a place to sell stuff online and are not sure where to start listing advertisements then do not worry. We are here for you and have compiled a list of the most useful online marketplaces which are sure to help you sell stuff online and make some money without leaving your home.


eBay is one of the biggest online marketplaces on the internet. It began in 1995 and now caters to millions of buyers. Thousands of independent sellers are able to make a profit by using their platform. Since eBay offers the online auction style format you can even expect to receive more than your asking price for an item given that it proves popular and invites a bidding war between several interested buyers.


Amazon first started as an online book store and after taking off and becoming a website with one of the most visitors on the internet it expanded into selling online products from all categories. The similarity between Amazon and eBay is that they both offer a wide audience and buyers trust almost all vendors associated with it.

Though the competition is fierce on Amazon and there is a higher membership fee, the number of potential buyers available there is worth it. Amazon has an algorithm that recommends products to their users based on search and purchase history.


Etsy has also been around since 2005 and is another popular online marketplace amongst buyers. It is a community for artists and craftsmen who create their own products. There are now around 1.6 million sellers and 26.1 million buyers on the website and it is the number one choice amongst online sellers because of its easy-to-use interface.

Etsy offers the opportunity to make a large profit by selling handcrafted and handmade goods. They are the go-to place if you have a specific niche market that you would like to target. People looking for customized products that are not mass produced such as home décor, jewelry, accessories and etc. are likely to buy from Etsy. You can also sell vintage goods on this website from your own collection or by scouring through flea markets and thrift stores.


Bonanza is still a newcomer in the eCommerce industry but it is growing fast and will soon be playing in the big leagues. There are currently over 22 million items listed on the website from garden gnomes to stuffed animals.

 Online sellers are raking in huge profits using the website and it has expanded to every continent and every country around the world. About 40,000 active sellers are currently on the online marketplace. The attraction to sellers is that it is very easy to use and it is very popular amongst buyers. Most sellers have rated it the best place to sell and also given the customer service top marks.

Your Own Website

Setting up your own website is hands-down the best option if you are looking for bigger profits and are in the eCommerce business for the long run. When you have your own store to sell from you have to work on ways to generate traffic to the website which is what makes the process a bit slow at first but once you get your first 100 customers the store is bound to take off.

The best thing about having your own online store is there is no competition as compared with the other online marketplaces. You can build your own brand and market it rather than being associated with a platform like Amazon or eBay.

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