The jewel market is growing every year. This is because jewelry delights everyone regardless of gender, age, or demographic. In fact, statistics show that the jewelry market is valued at more than $257 billion today. This makes jewelry business an attractive prospect when looking to sell online jewelry. Most people buy jewelry for beauty, as presents, to commemorate special events or just for the prestige, which makes it a sought after commodity in the world.  So what do you need in order to be successful in selling online jewelry and accessories?

  • Comprehensive product description for your sell online jewelry

Selling jewelry online is different from selling jewelry in a physical retail store. Normally, in a physical jewelry store, you would focus on mirror display cases and lighting to enhance the visibility and beauty of your jewelry on display. Selling jewelry online, besides top-quality images, requires up-to-the-minute product descriptions. If your jewelry is a unique shed of diamond, describe it to the fullest, so that customers can get the full details of it. Some of the details you can state include number, weight of diamond used, color, other materials incorporated, how it appears under different lighting conditions and so on. The same goes if you’re selling its accessories.

  • High definition images of real products

When selling jewelry and accessories online, every detail matters.  Images play a significant role in motivating customers to buy. So invest in high-definition photography to ensure you showcase every single detail of jewelry. Take your images to the next level by having some of the jewels shot with models just to bring out the actual appearance when someone wears them. Just ensure you’re exploring every avenue to make sure people buy your products.

  • Avoid trading in blood diamond jewelry for your sell online jewelry business

If you’re an avid follower of the diamond jewelry trade, you must know the concept of fair trade jewelry. Most people understand the ‘’blood diamond’’ phenomenon; that is jewelry produced in large numbers using child labor. Most customers today know how to pinpoint this kind of jewelry produced through mass cruelty, and they don’t want to be part of it. They are now turning to other precious metal like gold, silver, and platinum or even naturally dyed products and vegan leather. Selling genuine jewelry will insulate you from ethic and legal percussions that come with dealing with illegal blood diamond jewelry and losses due to lack of sales.

  • Exercise high degree of accountability in your sell online jewelry business

Jewelry, as well as its accessories, is an expensive commodity, not to mention selling it online is a challenging pursuit. This is why you need to maintain a certain level of inventory when starting out to mitigate the possibility of having slow moving stock around. Slow moving stock holds up a big chunk of your capital, which could be making profits when invested in fast moving products. Within your first month or two, you can figure out which jewelry moves faster, and dedicate more capital to stock that particular jewelry. This is the best inventory management practice that will help you in this volatile jewelry business.

  • Minimize your shipping and insurance risk for your sell online jewelry business

Shipping any product presents many logistical challenges. It’s even more challenging when selling online jewelry. Jewels and their accessories are too precious that you can’t afford to ship them recklessly, lest you end up with a lot of damage and lawsuits. You can do the following to minimize these risks:

  • Take up shipping insurance,
  • Selecting one reliable shipping company and stick by it
  • Keep your delivery timelines
  • Incorporate return and replacements if something goes wrong with the product
  • Make sure your packaging is top quality to prevent breakages
  • Leverage the power of social media for your sell online jewelry business

In this day and age where people spend most of their time on social media, you can’t miss out on the opportunity to create awareness about your product and establish trust. After posting your jewelry and its accessories on your preferred online store, share them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to let your followers know about your business. You never know. You could just get long term clients from your followers.