Learn How You Can Sell Clothes Online

It is natural to go a little overboard when buying clothes and you only realize you have done so when there is no longer any room in your closet. However, thanks to the internet, the solution to this problem is now simple. The online resale market is booming and you can dispose of your old clothes and make a profit at the same time. Listed below are a few tips to help you start selling clothes online. If you simply want a platform to start selling your clothes now you can checkout Shopify.

Identify a Marketplace

The best thing about selling clothes online is that there are so many users and separate sites or forums dedicated to their unique taste. Before you start posting advertisements it is important to identify the right marketplace for your products.

There are Facebook groups dedicated to certain brands where people come to buy and sell clothes online. Other options can be forums like StyleForum or Reddit where niches of buyers are present. eBay is still your best bet to appeal to a wider demographic because it has the most number of users.

Look for Apps

Since this is the year 2017, mobile phones are used more frequently where apps are much easier to navigate than websites. There is a horde of mobile phone applications specifically designed for buying and selling online.

Depop is one such application popular for lower-priced garments. For women Poshmark has gained much popularity as the go-to app for selling clothes online. eBay also has their own smart phone application which has categories for all types of clothes and appeals to almost everyone.

Write a Good Description

The most compelling feature of an ad for selling clothes online is the description because it has the power to convince someone to buy. The text should be brief and contain essential information such as the size measurements, shipping information and condition of the garment. You can also mention how long you have had it and how much it has been used.

It is best to be truthful when writing the description and any defects or damage to the clothes should be mentioned otherwise you will have unsatisfied customers sending negative reviews to deal with. Also mentioning why you are parting with the item can help buyers recognize its worth. Also let buyers know whether or not they will be able to return the item if they are not satisfied.

Upload High Quality Pictures

A good picture can make or break the sale. The picture shows the person what the color and cut of the clothing item is like. The picture must offer a full view and if someone can model it then that would be even better. eBay also offers the option to upload videos showing the item from all angles and explaining the main features.

Do not forget to include a picture of the tag that proves the item is actually branded. Also photograph any defects to show they are only minor and will go unnoticed.

Price it Reasonably

The price should be set according to the platform you are uploading it on. Since eBay has the auction style format the price cannot be decided by you but you can set the asking price. One strategy to make your item stay fresh is pricing it high and then knocking off a percentage as discount to attract more buyers. Factor in all the shipping and postage cost into the price so you make enough profit.

If you follow all these tips you can be sure to sell clothes online. It requires patience to start making sales but once you prove your worth to buyers they will start trusting you as a seller.

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